Moving forward.

Rumblewood is ready to  take it to the next level. A new journey takes flight with offices in Stockholm and director Jacqueline Ragheb stepping in as CEO.  

Rumblewood’s journey started three years ago from a small office in Visby. Slowly but steady they built a uniquely personal, engaged and quality focused team of creatives working with clients across the nation. And now they’re ready to take the next step.

"Today we present a whole new graphic design while branching out our business to to work closer with ad agencies all around Sweden." says Jacqueline Ragheb.


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Rumblewood has had the pleasure working with great Swedish brands and even done some work abroad. Many of the new clients are located in Stockholm, so opening a new office in the capital is a natural step.

"To serve the growing demand of our customers we´re finally ready to expand our business to Stockholm" says co-founder Saša Jancic.

As the company is growing, Rumblewood is currently looking for two new souls to join them. A production manager and a production assistant.

"We think that finding the right people to work with is key, Gotland is full of talented people and we need our production assistant to be located in Visby. As for the production manager, we´re looking for someone to work from our future office in Stockholm." says Director and CEO Jacqueline Ragheb.

Contact and more information:
Jacqueline Ragheb, 0736 30 54 07,
Saša Jancic, 0730 21 12 00,


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