Telge Bostäder - 75 years

Telge Bostäder, a company that has been providing affordable housing in Södertälje for 75 years. The commercial took viewers on a journey through time, where we follow the differns tennants from the 1950s to the present day. By highlighting the company's commitment to affordable housing and its dedication to improving the lives of its tenants, the commercial emphasized the role that Telge Bostäder has played in shaping the community over the past 75 years. The commercial was a success in celebrating Telge Bostäder's long history and highlighting the important work that the company has done over the years. We hope that our efforts will help to raise awareness of the company's mission and inspire others to support their ongoing efforts to provide affordable housing to the people of the community.

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Agency: -
Customer: Telge Bostäder
Production: Rumblewood
Media: SoMe